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Memento mori

Les rues, le hasard. C'est le journal de ma ville, mon journal, un work-in-progress aussi. Au flâneur, le quotidien révèle ce qu'il porte d'insolite, de merveilleux, de poétique ou drôle. D'imprévu. Un théâtre de rue, en quelque sorte.

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The streets, the chance. It is the journal of my city, my diary, a work-in-progress as well. To the stroller, everyday life reveals the odd, marvelous, poetic, humorous. The unexpected. A street theater, somehow.

Valérie Simonnet from paris, France

...oui mais pas tout de suite.....

27 Jan 2011 5:39am

@Valérie Simonnet: Un moment encore, rien qu'un moment, monsieur le bourreau !

Sonia Nansid from Barcelona Stockholm, Sweden

This is a great scene. We can really feel the intensity of their thoughts.

27 Jan 2011 6:29pm

@Sonia Nansid: The guide gave his comments, but: what were the thoughts under the white hair?

Teresa Polanska from Gdansk, Poland

Interesting shot - the bunch of elderly women worshipping... What exactly are they worshipping ?
A touch of irony here ?

28 Jan 2011 6:50pm

@Teresa Polanska: They are listening comments about a vanitas in a museum. This is a visit for elderly persons. No irony: the painting is in his role, recall our fragility, this face to face touched me.